Bosch GSB 10 RE vs Bosch GSB 13 RE

The Bosch GSB 10 RE and Bosch GSB 13 RE impact drills have different features and specs, so compare them to see which one best meets your needs.

Read our in-depth evaluations of both items.

Table Comparison

Bosch GSB 10 RE




Kit Weight

4.40 kg

4.60 kg

Drill Weight

1.50 kg

1.70 kg


‎12 x 39.5 x 33 cm

39.3 x 11.9 x 33 cm

Rated Power

500 watts

600 watts

Power Output

250 watts

301 watts

Blows Per Minute

41600 bpm

44800 bpm

Drilling Capacity

10 mm in concrete

13 mm in concrete

8 mm in steel

10 mm in steel

20 mm in wood

25 mm in wood

10 mm in masonry

13 mm in masonry

Chuck Capacity

1.5-10 mm

1.5-13 mm

No Load Speed

2600 rpm

2800 rpm

Rated Torque

1.5 Nm

1.8 Nm

Speed Under Load

1610 rpm

1570 rpm

Spindle Collar Diameter

43 mm

43 mm

Sound Power Level

104 dB(A)

104 dB(A)


Best for minor home tasks

Best for concrete walls

User-friendly drill

Professional drill

Low price drill machine

Powerful 600 watts motor

More speed under load

Heavy duty drill machine


Not for heavy tasks

Expensive in price

Less drilling capacities

Only for skilled users

What is GSB 10 RE?

what is bosch 10 re kit

Check out the Bosch GSB 10 RE if you want a drill for various materials, including wood, metal, and masonry.

With this drill, you can drill up to 8 mm through steel, 20 mm through wood & 10 mm through masonry.

Depending on the task, the two-speed gearbox on the GSB 10 RE lets you select either high torque or high speed.

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Accessories -

Combination plier, adjustable wrench, adjustable knife, screws, wood drill bits, sockets, nut driver adapter, keyed chuck, plastic carry case, masonry drill bits, claw hammer with rubber grip, screwdriver bits, screwdriver magnetic adapter, metal drill bits, measuring tape, S-Plugs, 3-directional spirit level.

What is GSB 13 RE?

what is drill machine 13 re

With its 600W motor, this drill has a maximum drilling depth of 10 mm in steel, 25 mm in wood, and 13 mm in masonry.

Depending on the amount of work, the GSB 13 RE’s two-speed gearbox allows you alternate between high torque and high speed.

With a variable speed switch, you may also more precisely change the drill’s speed.

The Bosch GSB 13 RE is a fantastic power drill for a variety of tasks, from professional work to home improvement.

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Accessories -

Drill bits wood, claw hammer with rubber grip, combination plier, adjustable wrench, adjustable knife, screws, screwdriver bit set, nut driver adapter, screwdriver adapter magnetic, sockets, auxiliary handle, depth stop, keypad chuck, drill bits masonry, drill bits metal, measuring tape, spirit level and fischer nylon fixings.

Main Difference

difference between 10 re and 13 re

You might like the Bosch GSB 10 re drill if you want a drill that is inexpensive and simple to use.

You can work for a long time without getting fatigue because it is light and easy to carry.

It is a wonderful option for beginners who want to perform basic jobs (like drilling metal or wood).

However, the Bosch GSB 13 re 600w drill would be a better option if you require a strong and reliable drill.

It is capable of handling difficult tasks that need some expertise and knowledge, such as drilling concrete walls.


conclusion of bosch drills

The final conclusion of Bosch GSB 10 re vs 13 re is made on the use of user in regards of specifications, features and accessories of both kits.

I recommend GSB 10 re kit for those users who are newbies and have minor home repair or plumbing tasks to do. This is a budget drill with almost all useful accessories in the kit.

Whereas GSB 13 re kit is for those skilled people who have professional or heavy tasks to do like drilling in concrete walls because it allows more drilling capacities in all materials.

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